EventFirst has most of the features you might need for fast ticket online sale – but unlike other software, we do everything for you in a short time with a personal approach.

Selling tickets with us offers a number of unique advantages:

Online seat reservation

Price & Place allocation feature gives your customers opportunity to pick their own seats online with only one click.

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Ticketing without problems

Outsourcing with us gives you great advantage in avoiding extra pain and spending to keep everything going for you.

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You can rely on us

We monitor our system 24/7 to make sure it is running smoothly to prevent interruption of the service and sales loss.

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Share convenience of our service with your customers. Now you can forget about mistakes in bookings, disorder and long queues of customers waiting to be seated.


Our service of interactive seating plan drawing will help you to give exceptional opportunity to your customers choose wherever they would like to seat whatever price they think of.
This service perfectly suits for all sorts of art events, concerts or even private events where seating plan required.


Price & Place allocation allows pricing of any place, rows or even sectors of the seating plan, giving you chance to sell more and be flexible with prices allocating as many options as you need.


Don’t think it’s costly! It’s all included in service fee.

You don’t need to worry about pain and extra spending to keep everything going for you. Traditional software that lives on servers and needs constant attention is a real pain to keep running. It either takes staff time inside the organisation, or it becomes a cost burden because you have to hire an external IT company to keep everything going for you. As well as providing customer and technical support via telephone which is time and money consuming.


You just need to go on our webpage through a web browser everything else is our problem – that’s what makes EventFirst different. We aim to keep the system running 100% of the time. Which means no lost sales, and no hassle for you.

Our servers and our system is monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and our technical staff is alerted immediately if there are any problems, giving you peace of mind that our service will not be interrupted and always be open for business.

Usability of the system

We save our customers time spent with us through usability of the system, simple interface and permanent updates.

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We are time-savers

We will save you time through taking care of all settings of the system, as we understand you got other things to do.

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Access from anywhere

You can access the system, check for data updates or search for customer information from any internet-enabled device.

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We do care about your time spent with us. Sometimes software can be complicated, as we know from experience – people only want to use software if it’s easy to use.


This is why usability is our priority number one in whatever we are creating in EventFirst. We are following all trends and we carefully analysing our system updates. Collection of the feedbacks and comments, observations from customers and professionals involved in development helps us to try and improve usability all the time and offer best possible updates for faster and easier use of our system and website.

We want you to spend as less time as possible for settings and adjustments as we understand you have got many other things to do apart of this.


We are here to help you. One of the advantages is that our staff will set up everything for you. There are no packages or extra charges like many other service providers have, all our tools like report customisation, personal users accounts are saving organisations time by what they really need in real time, and letting them get back to what really matters to them.


It’s not just specific features that will help to save you time – every single feature in the system has been designed to be as easy-to-use as possible, so that you don’t waste unnecessary time.

Log in from any computer with an internet connection, even via a Wireless 3G connection. This means that you can get to the system from any internet-enabled device like a smartphone or other tablet device.


This is useful both within a venue – you can have staff members wandering around with iPads checking sales details or scan ticket on entrance point – but also for management teams, who might spend a lot of their time “on the go”.

We are 100% Secure

Complying with all sorts of regulations we make sure that our data and customers personal information are safe at all times.

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Always developing

To provide better service we all the time improving our system and offering best possible technology to our customers.

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Get effective Support

Our fully trained 24/7 customer service and technical support will be always there where our customers need help.

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We make sure that security persist through out all the processes. All data, sales and clients personal information are safely behind lock and key at all times. We always comply with all sorts of regulations, from Data Protection to Payment Card Industry standards.

We always develop our system in order to provide better service and outstanding features for more reliable and convenient service.

We always are looking for innovations, to keep up with technology. Collecting data and feedbacks from our users and clients, taking into account requests as well as more general trends in arts ticketing and marketing technology we are constantly updating our system.
One of the major benefits of outsourcing ticket sale with us is that all upgrades and new futures will be available for all our users in minutes. Minor upgrades take place instantly, with no impact on use of the website.

Another benefit is that when we do a major system upgrade, we usually need to make some changes that do not involve taking the system offline. This means that the new features are installed without service interruption.

There are few things that make our customer support special:

  • all our members of our support team are experienced as they have previously worked in ticketing industry;
  • as customers access the system on our servers, we are able to access information in real time, and help them very quickly with routine queries and concerns;
  • our customer service staff is multi lingual, either you speak English, Russian, Lithuanian, Latvian or Polish we always will speak to our customers native laguage, making sure all information is clear for them;
  • customer service and technical support are available in working hours (9am – 7pm) via phone and 24/7 via email. In case all our members of staff are busy, they will get back to customers as soon as they will be free.
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