From beginning EventFirst was brought from ideas about uniting simplicity, personal approach and efficiency in both software and marketing.


Joining together both experienced staff and our ideas we have created software with ultimate goal to solve real time problems.

All features were designed to save promoter’s resources such as time, power and finance through software usability, user friendly interface and maximum simplicity.

EventFirst offers everything to sell and promote any type of event.



We do understand that sometimes customers require flexibility and personal approach fitting their requirements or circumstances. One of our priorities has been to combine and make powerful features as long with flexible approach. That’s why we do most! We are trying to be helpful as possible rather than following the crowd.

Organize successful event with us in three easy steps:

Setting up


Management of the entry



Three easy steps before “go on sale”!

Register with us

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Fill up application form

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Set up price & place

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Two ways to register with us, you can use your email address or facebook account.


Application for the event will take as much as 15 minutes of your time. Everything you need to do is to fill the form adding an event description and all relative information.


After your application has been approved, we will send confirmation email. Later one of our fully confident project managers will get in touch with you to discuss exact requirements for your event, such as sitting plan and price allocation.


Live entertainment marketing is a tricky business. EventFirst offers a complete solution to promote and sell tickets online. Access to social networks will let customers login easily with Facebook and exploit the power of Facebook and Twitter with social selling.

Also EventFirst system can tell you all sorts of useful information about your audiences – particularly about demographics and buying behaviour. However, we know that supporting arts and live entertainment organisations is about much more than just providing data to them, which is why EventFirst also includes the following:

Use of our traffic

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Capture Even more Customers

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Quality traffic doesn’t come easily, but that’s what we’ve focussed on to make sure your event is seen.
With all sorts of events on our website from arts, concerts and cultural events, EventFirst is trusted as it’s fully optimised so anyone searching for your event will be able to find it.


We make sure whoever is looking for your event can find it. We optimise every one of our pages to gain maximum exposure and traffic from search engines.


Remove the hassle of long forms filling and increase the number of people who access with Facebook login. Access Facebook’s rich social data to understand your customers and allow your customers to share your event with single click.

We remove the barriers between your tickets and customers by letting them access their account without the need to remember a username or password.

Facebook is integrated throughout our system to make the most of the organic promotion you will gain through your customers sharing information on events.

Use of our email database

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Sharing & social media

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Promo codes

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We’ve built an extensive database of customers in each region who read our emails. Feature your event for no extra charge and connect with customers you never would’ve before.


Integration of social media throughout our website will Increase your turnout by letting attendees promote your event on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to their friends and network.


Give away some discounted tickets for your guests and friends. EventFirst Promo will generate unique promo codes which you can give to your guests increasing your sales and running promotions throughout your all marketing campaign.


You can download any free QR code scanning app and leave long queues and frustrated customers in past. Avoid expensive hardware with our unique QR code app door scanners, just use your smartphone or IPad.

It’s Free!

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Quick and easy to use

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Sync for multiple check in points

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No expensive hardware required.


Download the app and start scanning people straight away.


Connect over 3G or Wi-fi to keep multiple devices in sync.

Statistic on the door

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Print at Home

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Ticket assignment

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Quickly see how many people have turned up.


Fit-in ‘print at home’ ticketing so your customers get their tickets emailed to them and then scanned on entry. Tickets are scanned using any QR code app. Each ticket scan gives a response of ‘valid’, USED and ‘already been scanned’.

As tickets are scanned, their status updates in the EventFirst system, allowing box office staff and managers to see how full the venue is. This can also be reported after the event, so you know how many people actually turned up.

In case customer looses their paper ticket you always can scan QR code from their emails or mobile phones.


Take advantage of our ticket assignment option to help your quests buy or present tickets for their friends for special accessions or just to come together.

Ticket assignment allows assign certain ticket to the name of anyone, who can come to the event separately.

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