Sergey Zakharov - Russian Song Festival

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Legendary Russian baritone Sergey Zakharov performs a programme of his best love songs, accompanied by distinguished Russian pianist Alexander Kagan.

Russian Romance and International Love Songs

Legendary Russian baritone Sergey Zakharov performs a programme of his best love songs, accompanied by distinguished Russian pianist Alexander Kagan.

A huge name in Russia, Sergey Zakharov and his unique, velveteen voice remains a hidden gem to British audiences. His magical appeal has always attracted mass audiences since his early years as a leading singer at the St Petersburg Musical Theatre.

He has been soloist at the State Variety Orchestra under the directorship of Leonid Utesov and in 1996 received the most prestigious award as a People’s Artist of Russia.

An independent promotion by the Eurolog UK Association, part of the Russian Song Festival 2014.

£100 VIP tickets (best seats + post-concert reception) available directly from Eurolog UK on 02084586077 or 020 8201 9389

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Britten Theatre

With a seating capacity of 400, the Britten Theatre\'s simple elegance, responsive acoustics and intimate tiered auditorium is the perfect space for opera, music, theatre and ballet performances. One of London\'s best-kept secrets, the theatre was designed by Sir Hugh Casson and is named after Benjamin Britten, a former student of the RCM. In the style of an Italian opera theatre with proscenium arch, orchestra pit and full fly system, the theatre has excellent technical facilities and the hire includes the use of four theatre dressing rooms. There is an RCM Box Office ticketing service and a theatre foyer bar. With its own entrance from Prince Consort Road, the theatre is licensed for public events.: Мясной скандал помог британцам полюбить конину Facilities - Dressing rooms available with a total capacity for 48 performers - Theatre bar and foyer area - Donaldson Room available as additional space for hire - suitable for private receptions for up to 60 people

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The Royal College of Music is located on Prince Consort Road, opposite the Royal Albert Hall, in the heart of South Kensington\'s cultural centre. Nearest London Underground stations: South Kensington or Gloucester Road (District, Circle and Piccadilly lines), High Street Kensington (District and Circle lines). London Transport buses 9,10 and 52 stop outside the Royal Albert Hall on Kensington Road.

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