International Contest of Russian and English Song

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The 8th International Contest and Festival of Russian and English Song is dedicated to the special year of Russian-UK Culture and will be held in the prestigious halls of the Royal College of Music. The Festival is proud to present a star performance of famous singers.

On Sunday, 27th April 2014 at 18.00 many star performers will participate in the Finale of the International Contest of Russian and English Song, with four different genres! The concert starts at 6 p.m. with a line-up of star performances, and will last for over four hours, finishing with the Awards Ceremony.

Invitees to the 2014 Festival: Professor at the Royal College of Music and tenor with the Royal Opera Alexander Naumenko, UK; famous musician and art connoisseur Mikhail Kazinik, Sweden; baritone singer David Serero, France, and other outstanding singers and musicians from various countries. The Patron of the Festival is National Artist of Russia Sergey Zakharov.

The Contest is open for young talent from age 10, and adult soloists up to 50 years of age, professionals and amateurs, soloists, choirs and ensembles, composers and performers. The following selection of genres of Russian and English songs is proposed: FOLK, ROMANCE, CLASSICAL, CONTEMPORARY SONG.

First and foremost, this project is about celebrating the magnificent Russian and English art of singing! The Festival attracts inspired and talented musicians, both professional and amateur. Audiences come to listen not only to the amazing voices of the Festival guests and finalists, but also to those wonderful Russian songs we all grew up with, and which live on in our hearts, wherever we may be.

Renowned artists and musicians are traditionally invited to the Contest’s Panel of Judges. The following have all sat on the Panel of previous Contests: Professors at the Royal College of Music Graham Broadbent and Tim Evans-Jones (Panel Chairman 2013), National Artist of the Ukraine Vladimir Grishko, Eurovision Song Contest winner Alexander Rybak, National Artist of Russia Sergey Zakharov (Panel Chairman 2011-12), eminent French singer David Serero, Distinguished Artist of Russia Marina Poplavskaya, acclaimed BBC presenter Seva Novgorodtsev (on the Panel 2010-12), Distinguished Artist of Russia Sergey Leiferkus (Panel Chairman 2009), National Artist of Russia Dmitry Khvorostovsky (Panel Chairman 2008), and Alexander Titov – well-known musician with the bands “Aquarium”, “Kino”and others. The Festival is eight years old this year, and for the past three years has been an international event, with adults and young people participating from 12 countries. The project cannot be made possible without the Patron of the Festival, N.A. of Russia Sergey Zakharov. With his help the Festival has gone from strength to strength every year. Sergey Georgievich not only helps to select the best finalists himself, he also has the acumen and leadership to keep the Festival on the right tracks.

This charity project provides an opportunity for our talented compatriots living in Europe, Russia and other countries to prove themselves in the leading musical venues of London, to believe in their own strengths, and also to meet well-known Russian musicians. The Festival is popular with a great many participants from all over the United Kingdom, as well as Russia and other European countries. It supports and unites many musicians and performers.

All finalists are divided into categories according to age (children and adult) and genre: Russian and English Folk Song, Russian and English Classical, Romance, and Contemporary Song.

The judges assess the performances on a scale of 1-10 points (both presentation and vocal quality are evaluated). Prizes are determined by the total number of points. Prizewinners are awarded Diplomas signed by the Chair of the Panel of Judges and the Patron of the Festival, as well as medals for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places. Prizewinners taking 1st place in each category will receive a cash prize.


Handle your ticket with care!

Copying and reselling of the ticket is forbidden. Unique QR code of the ticket permits only one admission to the event. Other attempts to enter with a ticket that has the same QR code will be failed. Neither EventFirst nor organisers are obliged to investigate the circumstances. Misuse of the ticket is the responsibility of the initial purchaser.

Do not fold the QR code part of the ticket. If entrance gate is indicated on the ticket, please enter from there. EventFirst shall not refund or exchange tickets unless stated otherwise. The organiser is responsible for the event.

Please have your E-ticket printed and credit/debit card that you used to book available when coming to the event: you must ensure that you print the E-ticket clearly on A4 paper. Tickets are only valid when accompanied by the correct identification selected whilst making the booking.
Please arrive 40 minutes before, is better, you need time to find your seat.



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Amaryllis Fleming Concert Hall

The Amaryllis Fleming Concert Hall is a performance space of the highest international standard, which can accommodate large orchestral and choral concerts. Newly-installed lighting and sound equipment replicate professional conditions for recording and broadcasting. The hall is licensed for public concerts. The hall is also suitable for lectures, dinners and receptions.

020 7591 4384

The Royal College of Music, Prince Consort Road, London, SW7 2BS

The Royal College of Music is located on Prince Consort Road, opposite the Royal Albert Hall, in the heart of South Kensington\\\'s cultural centre.  

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