Grand Final MISS USSR UK 2014

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The most beautiful event of the year, a magical show – GRAND FINAL MISS USSR UK 2014

Bringing together the very heart of Russian speaking London, Miss USSR UK presents 30 models from 15 countries as well as prominent Russian designers to celebrate the new generation of Russian fashion. This unique conceptual event attracted significant attention from famous designers, models, media, and prominent public figures around the world.

Event 2013: The event was attended by 1200 guests, where models – who have been recently crowned at Miss Supranational, Miss Exclusive of the World and Miss Earth and other prestigious contests – took the stage. The event featured collections by designers Masha Tsigal, Alena Kochetkova (Garnet Heart), Veronika Olkhova (Alanra) and Maria Shatalova-Pogrebnyak (wife of famous football player Pavel Pogrebnyak), who debuted her first ever jewellery collection.

At the end of the event the judges panel that included Arkady Novikov, Masha Tsigal, DJ Smash, Mira Anafina, Maria Pogrebnyak, Alena Kochetkova and Katsiaryna Buraya chose the winner of Miss USSR UK. The crown went to Victoria Jeromina, representing Latvia. Victoria was crowned by Miss Supranational 2012 – Katsiaryna Buraya. The event was covered by dozens of international TV channels and magazines.

GARND FINAL MISS USSR UK 2014 is looking to be an even more interesting event. Many surprise guests are expected at the event. An artist from the Black Star recording label is one of them. More information is coming soon.

30 models from 15 countries.

On the 22nd April the name of the winner of Miss USSR UK 2014 beauty pageant will be revealed.

The GRAND FINAL includes:
• Entertaining programme
• Fashion catwalk
• Celebrity guests and performances
• Media, press and TV representatives

Come and support stunning girls and enjoy a fantastic show MISS USSR UK 2014 in LONDON.

Tickets £73 entry to the after party included.
Tickets £120 VIP entry to the after party + access to VIP area included.
Invitation only after party will take place in private members club in Mayfair with celebrities, VIP guests and contestants. From 10pm till 3am
Handle your ticket with care!

Copying and reselling of the ticket is forbidden. Unique QR code of the ticket permits only one admission to the event. Other attempts to enter with a ticket that has the same QR code will be failed. Neither EventFirst nor organisers are obliged to investigate the circumstances. Misuse of the ticket is the responsibility of the initial purchaser.

Do not fold the QR code part of the ticket. If entrance gate is indicated on the ticket, please enter from there. EventFirst shall not refund or exchange tickets unless stated otherwise. The organiser is responsible for the event.

Please have your E-ticket printed and credit/debit card that you used to book available when coming to the event: you must ensure that you print the E-ticket clearly on A4 paper. Tickets are only valid when accompanied by the correct identification selected whilst making the booking.
Please arrive 40 minutes before, is better, you need time to find your seat.

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Cadogan Hall

Set in a fantastic location in the heart of Chelsea Cadogan Hall has become one of London’s leading venues. The Hall’s 900 seats, excellent acoustic and luxurious surroundings makes it the first choice for some of the UK’s top orchestras, including the Hall’s resident orchestra, the Royal Philharmonic, as well as a favourite London destination for international touring orchestras. Cadogan Hall is the chosen venue for the world-famous BBC Proms Chamber Music Series and also offers a vibrant selection of contemporary, jazz, folk and world music events as well as debates and conferences.

5 Sloane Terrace, London, SW1X 9DQ

The easiest way to travel to Cadogan Hall is by public transport. Located two minutes walk from Sloane Square Tube, served by District and Circle lines, just one stop from Victoria station which has both mainline and additional Tube connections.

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