Death Ship 666! The Epic Disaster Parody Play On sale
schedule 23 Feb 2014 DOORS
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Death Ship 666! The Epic Disaster Parody Play

Titanic and Airplane collide in a fast-paced, hilarious disaster parody play. Follow the doomed passengers aboard the half built cruise liner on it’s maiden voyage to the Bermuda Triangle.

Death Ship 666 is sinking. In the fight for survival it’s woman vs child, human vs bear, and ship vs time!

When our young heroine, Grandma, falls instantly in love with the dashing Architect, it seems she may finally be free of the pressure to fulfil her namesake – to have a child, just so they can have one too.

Little do the lovers know that a grizzly secret from the past and elaborate plots to destroy Death Ship conspire against their happiness.

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