We are glad to introduce e-tickets

E-tickets are a new feature that EventFirst has introduced for online bookings. The e-ticket booking confirmation page and the confirmation e-mail now include a 2D barcode (QR code), which means you don’t have to collect your tickets at the venues box office or wait for postal delivery.

All you need to do is either print off your booking confirmation or e-mail and bring it with you, or be ready to display it on your phone. You show it to member of staff at the guest service point so they can scan it and admit you to the event. It’s very easy.

Just a few things to remember:

1. If you use a printout, make sure it’s clear and legible. (If it’s smudged, damaged, crumpled, or faint then we may not be able to use it.)
2. If your booking is for more than one person, you need to print all e-tickets separately and you all need to be together when you present your QR codes.
3. Please bring with you the Credit/Debit card you used to make your booking. (If there is a problem scanning your QR code, your card with other details of the person who made the booking will help to access your entrance.)

Here is some further information that might be of interest to you. (this info can also be found in our FAQ section)

When can I use the e-ticket?
You can use the e-ticket whenever you have made a booking online for any of the available events.

If you have booked more than one ticket and some members of your party do not intend to come to the event together, you need to pass them their tickets earlier so they can use it separately. Remember each e-ticket has it own unique QR code and can only be scanned once.

How do I print my e-ticket?
E-tickets normally are being kept at your EventFirst account. The only thing you need to do is to log in to your account and print e-tickets. Printinting button can normally be found under “my orders” in your account. However if this is not possible, you can print off the booking confirmation page when making the booking online. Alternatively you can take a picture of your e-ticket from your computer screen using your smart phone.

How do I display the e-ticket on my phone?
You can display the e-ticket on your phone by opening up the email booking confirmation we sent you. Please have this ready before you reach the guest service point. Our staff will scan the QR code displayed on your screen, and you may need to scroll down the text.
Also you can display your e-ticket photo taken from your computer screen.

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