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Event First Emails (GDPR) updates – ! please review and confirm

We are dedicated to deliver only Emails you would love to read

We would like to make sure if you are getting great value out of our great events updates Newsletter. We always make our content up-to-date and live to meet your expectations from us. We work hard to diversify your leisure with new events in London and UK and supply with excellent customer service.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) giving each individual more control of his/her personal data and require everyone to reconfirm Email subscription, you will need to give us your permission if you would like to continue receiving our content.

What our Emails contents are (NO third party advertising!):

– Monthly Notification about upcoming events
– Performance time or date changes
– Important info reminders
– Sesonal Promocodes and discounts for Event First customers only

To continue receiving emails from Event First (new upcoming events, time and dates changes, tickets discounts and promocodes), we invite you to exercise your new rights! Please reconfirm your agreement.

Event First team proud to share the best experience with you and would love you to be part of it in future.


To comply with GDPR we have made the following changes:

We’re giving you more control over the emails you receive from us.
You are currently opted in to Newsletters (monthly). These are carefully put together to keep you informed of new coming events, and valuable new and updated content across our site. Opting out is still available to you.

Newsletters ONLY relate to Event First events in London and UK, and do not include third party content.

We’re making it easier to cancel your account.
If you wish to delete your personal data from our database please request using “Delete My Account” function.

To make changes to your email preferences or to delete your account, simply visit “My Account” page and click “unsubscribe” button, “Show stored information about me”.

All data recorded by us could be displayed in your account.

Kind Regards, Event First team.